Noni Juice, Raw, Unpasteurized

 Direct from Maui, since 1995

Noni Juice makes you feel healthier and have more vitality!
Noni improves immune system, digestion & sustains energy!

Now offering very competitive pricing for private label by bottle, 1000 liter tote or container. We can assist you with custom formulations as well.

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    noni juice

    Raw Unpasteurized or Pasteurized with all the benefits of noni fruit

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    noni capsules

    Noni plant benefits without the taste of noni juice

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    Buy noni wholesale ans save money. check out our 4 pack special

Hawaiian Noni Experts

Our raw, unpasteurized, Noni Juice is the only noni juice available in the USA, that is not compromised by heating. Noni is not just our business, it is our passion.

WHY are we better?

Total Control at each stage:
First and foremost, unlike many of our competitors who merely buy Noni and resell it, we have total control over production: from growing to harvesting, fermenting and bottling the Noni Juice.

Knowledge Of Hawaiian Medicine:
Furthermore, unlike our competitors who merely manufacture Noni, our founder David Marcus has a first hand knowledge of Hawaiian Traditional Medicine taught directly to him by revered Kahuna.

Quality Quality Quality:
What makes a difference in quality is how the Noni fruit is grown and processed. Most other Noni juice is not made from 100% Noni juice. Many Noni products are made from puree or pulverized sun-dried Noni powder and reconstituted with dilutants such as water or mixed fruit juices. Our noni is picked at its peak of ripeness, traditionally fermented for 3 to 6 months and then cold-pressed into juice. We use minimal processing in order to preserve the powerful healing properties of our Noni juice.

We go to great lengths to combine Hawaiian medicinal tradition with cutting edge technology. Our staffs have total control over production, from harvesting, to bottling.

Since 1995: proudly growing, processing and packaging Noni products on Maui. Now available Unpasteurized Noni Juice.


Noni is the common Hawaiian name for Morinda citrifolia, a type of evergreen ranging in size from a small bush to a tree 20 or 30 feet high...

Our noni products are available at wholesale discount to those who want to sell them at their retail stores or re-sell them to friends and relatives..

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We welcome larger, multiple case orders. Add our noni products to your distribution network. Private labeling is also available.

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