Noni Juice

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David Marcus with fresh picked noni fruitWelcome to Hawaiian Herbal Blessings . Thank you for your interest in our noni juice and noni products. I am David Marcus, the owner and founder. For nineteen years, we have been, growing, processing and packaging Hawaiian noni. In 1994, I studied Hawaiian herbal healing with two noted Hawaiian Kahuna. It was with their encouragement and support that I began my noni company. Noni was their number one healing herb. They also taught me various Hawaiian protocols for the use use of herbs for the purpose of healing. The protocols include methods of herb preparation, prayer and positive intention. I still hold these traditions close to my heart and incorporate them into our production process.

At Hawaiian Herbal Blessings, we strongly believe in natural farming methods and support sustainable agriculture wherever possible. All our noni is grown in Hawaii. Noni loves the rich volcanic soils, the pure ocean breeze and the fresh mountain water.

Although, we are a commercial noni company, we still use the traditional processing methods. The fruit is picked when ripe and then carefully packed on the farm. in air tight, FDA approved containers. The noni juice is made in small batches, with careful attention to FDA food preparation requirements. We offer unpasteurized noni juice for direct sales as well as shelf stable. Our Noni powder is available in capsule form or by the pound in bulk. We also offer bulk noni juice for repackaging.

Our company was featured on the NBC Today Show. They did a special segment on new super-fruits and chose Hawaiian Herbal Blessings as the Noni company. It was and exciting moment to be on national TV and talk about Hawaiian noni. More and more people are interested in natural health. They are looking for alternative healing methods.

We are real people and want to be your noni source. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us on our toll free number.