Hawaiian Herbal Blessings, Inc. is the original traditionally-fermented Hawaiian Noni juice company.

Hawaiian Herbal Blessings - Haiku Our corporate office and Noni juice fermenting and processing facilities are located on the North Shore of the beautiful, tropical island of Maui, in the State of Hawaii.

David Marcus is our company founder and President. In 1995, after many years of involvement with gardening and herb growing, he began to study Hawaiian healing techniques and Hawaiian herbal medicine. The Kahuna he studied with have passed their centuries-old inherited legacy of healing on to him. This is the foundation of our company's philosophy and products.

David Marcus with fresh picked noni fruitBy combining modern traditions and methods of processing with these Hawaiian customs and plants, Hawaiian Herbal Blessings, now makes available many traditional Hawaiian plant remedies.

For the past nineteen years, we have focused our efforts to specialize in the growing, processing and packaging of Morinda citrifolia, better known as Noni. Our Noni is grown in the lava-rich soils of Maui, Hawaii. Hawaiian Herbal Blessings has established long-term relationships with the Noni farmers who supply us with our Noni fruit. These relationships insure that only the white, ripe Noni fruit that is ready for our fermentation process is used in our Noni juice.

Hawaiian Herbal Blessings, also support the sustainable agricultural methods employed by our Noni suppliers. Our staffs assist where we can in sharing agricultural protocols to insure clean, safe fruit for our processing operations and customer satisfaction. We feel our company's efforts in support of sustainable agriculture, soil-building, and non-chemical methods of fruit production are the future of agriculture on our Islands.

Most of our Noni juice and Noni products are made using the traditional Hawaiian aging and fermentation methods as they have been practiced on our Islands since the arrival of the Polynesians over 1500 years ago. Our Noni juice is fermented and pressed in small batches with careful consideration to Hawaiian traditions and protocol.

From the plants' rich beginnings in sun-blessed Hawaiian soil, through processing to finished form, the staffs at Hawaiian Herbal Blessings carefully oversees every step in the entire process of making our products. The freshness and superior quality of our products is guaranteed.

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